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Tah-Jai is a beautiful and perfect person also known as beaufect. He's a male that you can hold long meaningful conversations with. Tah-Jai's also are known to have very large dicks and fat asses. If you ever meet a Tah-Jai you will be the luckiest person in the world. They are very funny guys who actually have a warm heart. His smile will make you melt like ice cream in 103 degree weather. His words will have your heart racing faster than the speed of light. Tah-Jai should be a man that everyone knows and has. They are caring and have the best interest in you. Tah-Jai's are very sexy. Urban Dictionary describes Tah-Jai's as beaufect people. Please if you ever find a Tah-Jai don't lose him
1. Omg is that a Tah-Jai?
2. My life is complete because I met a Tah-Jai!
3. Perfect is almost as good as Tah-Jai.
by Bill Ron January 03, 2014

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