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Common Korean name for exessive and possibly uncontrollable blood flow to male reproductive organ

there are some rumors regrading him being called Mr. Stiffie, but who knows rumors will disappear
person 1: OMG Taecyeon is a Beast

Person 2: who? Mr. Stiffie ?!

Person 3: yeah LONG
#taecyeon #taec #2pm #mr.stiffie #long #beast
by TaecJjang March 31, 2010
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Taecyeon is a rapper and singer in the South Korean boy-band 2pm. His band is a part of JYP Entertainment. He is a very handsome and muscular person, so he was photographed for the cover of men's health magazine. He is often shipped with Yoona (SNSD) or Suzy (miss A).
Person 1: Have you heard of 2pm?

Person 2: Yes, my favorite is Taecyeon.
#2pm #wooyoung #junho #junsu #nichkhun #chansung
by Endless Infinity August 08, 2012
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