The sound made when you have done something worth a celebration but you don't have the energy or funds to throw a party at that moment so you settle with a simple sound.
Ted: Hey guys I got back from the bar this morning and still had some money left! TA DA!

Ninja: Thats great Ted...just great but what about your dignity?

Midget Ninja: Ya dude...I had no idea you could make an X-ray with a lamp, a light socket, a camera and the anus.
by BrandonXBlizzard July 31, 2008
Usually said in reference to the ultra-tight clothing company and tagging crew.
Tada does some bunk ass shit, yo!
by Tada, ltd. January 15, 2006
Of Turkish-Italian origin. Phrase created to express a timeless, synchronistic love; written in stone and greater than love in any other form. Soulmate.
You will always be my "Ta-Da" or Finding "Ta-Da" transcends all rituals and conclusions. It is an unending, complex, intimate dance together
and nothing matters more
than your own sense of balance
and your choice of partner.
by [Da-Da] May 03, 2005

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