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to wipe clean ass or taint when it gets real sweaty. I need to tacowipe... or I need a tacowipe please baby... or I need something to tacowipe with... or can I be your tacowipe... or tacowipe usually means need to wipe ass its got buttsweat...to wipe clean ass, ass-crack, taint, testicals and penis, and vaginas when they get sweaty...tacowipe also means getting oral sex.
after riding skateboard all afternoon, my ass was full of buttsweat, I need to tacowipe. is there any shittickets here? I need to tacowipe. her junk was all sweaty she needs to tacowipe bad...or after having a frap I need to tacowipe. where is the bathroom? do you have any shittickets? I need to tacowipe...I got buttsweat I need to tacowipe...after having sex they both needed to tacowipe.
by anonymous March 04, 2014

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