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Slang men use meaning you will be getting some later that night. Referencing to events that will be occurring with a lady friend.
Guy 1 - "You comin' to Mark's tonight?"
Guy 2 - "No man, I can't go out, it's taco night."
Guy 1 - "Man I wish it was taco night at my place bro."
by EssTeeEll14 August 15, 2010
The female equivalent of a sausage fest: a party principally or wholly consisting of women, with a marked lack of testosterone.
This has turned into a real taco night. Might as well watch some Sex and the City.
by Honky '98 December 02, 2007
When you fill a female's vagina with taco toppings and enjoy.
Jonas enjoyed taco night with his stepmother.
by PunkyPenelope December 19, 2010