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Man you really taco chopped the hell outta that bitch!
by B-rad15 December 10, 2007
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When a woman is "karate chopped" in the middle of the lips of the vagina.
"Bro, did you see what Tyler did after his fight with Katie?"
"Yeah man he used the old Taco Chop method on that girl, she's going to be sore for weeks!"
by Trav S November 18, 2007
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when your girlfriend is being a bitch and you want to teach her a lesson, you vertically apply force quickly in an upward motion (like a karate chop) to her vagina, while lifting her off the ground.
Shaina: (bitching and embarrassing her boyfriend at a party)
Andy {the boyfriend}: shut the fuck up already! (whoopah)
Shaina: (cries)
Erik: Dude did you just tacochop your bitching girlfriend?
Shaina: (cries again and her cuntbone{ie. see cuntbone} is bruised for days)
by Erik and Lauren September 05, 2007
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