A party consisting mostly of women, the opposite of a sausage fest.
Girl A: I was hoping to hook up with a hot guy tonight but that bar was a total taco fiesta.
Girl B: Yeah, that was a lesbian bar.
by Stefa October 09, 2007
Top Definition
a party where females significantly outnumber males
antonym: sausage fest
Jim cleverly served Corona Light at his throwdown last Friday, ensuring that the party would be a taco fiesta.
by Greg B September 04, 2005
similar to the male's sausage fest, this is a party where it is all females. originates from the term pink taco.
the ladies had a taco fiesta last nite
by the October 21, 2004
1) the opposite of a sausage fest; that is, a social gathering predominantly composed of women.

2) a hispanic-themed celebration at which tacos are a common appetizer.
1) Guy 1: Hey man, you go to kyle's garage party last weekend?
Guy 2: yea man it was sick! he's gay and he invited all his fag hags, so it was totes a taco fiesta. Massive biddies on deck.
Guy 1: clutch man, clutch.

2) ah sí, cinco de mayo, lo fanfarria excelente! Cómo me gusta una fiesta de tacos auténticos!
by ogacihc May 12, 2011
A taco fiesta is when a group of people get together or have a party and only girls show up. Its like the female version of a sausage fest.
"last night i went to a party and i really wanted to hook up with someone but it was a TOTAL taco fiesta"
by knels October 18, 2009
The opposite of a sausage fest. When there are mainly only girls at a party.
Bro get over here right now. This party is hoppin. It's one hot Taco Fiesta.
by JWSZ August 08, 2009
Taco Fiesta is a 24/7 taco shop in San Diego Ca.
They have the best mexican food in San Diego and people from all parts of the county know the place. The most famous location is on Mission Gorge. It is packed at 2am on the weekends full of drunk people trying to sober up.
Hey man, are you down for a Taco Fiesta run? I'd kill for some carne asada fries right now.
by BLITZ1904 September 15, 2011
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