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stoner thumb is the callous that forms on the side of your thumb as a direct result of using a lighter way too much. This usually occurs during long sessions of smoking the herb.
"Son, whats that on your thumb"
"A callous"
"from what?"
"not from my lighter sir"
"really because it looks like you've got a stoner thumb"
by knels October 15, 2009
A taco fiesta is when a group of people get together or have a party and only girls show up. Its like the female version of a sausage fest.
"last night i went to a party and i really wanted to hook up with someone but it was a TOTAL taco fiesta"
by knels October 18, 2009
the vomisorous rex is the creature the usually takes its true form right after a night of heavy drinking. He/She can usually be spotted hunched over a coffee maker, glaring at a cigarette, or passed out on someones living room couch. This monster is usually the saturday morning alias of boys and girls between the ages of 17 and 25.
"Man Giselle was so fun last night"
"Yea, but did you see her this morning, such a vomisorous rex"
by knels October 15, 2009

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