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Beyond Tacky. Surpassing Nasty. A true offense to good taste.
Anne found Aunt Bev's gift of a multicolored, crocheted poncho to be tacknasty.
by Anne E. Moore November 04, 2006
We all know what tacky is...
Animal prints, hot shorts, platforms, bright nauseating colors, your grandmothers table cloth.
Tacknasty steps it up even more.
Tacknasty combines everything nasty in one.

Zebra platforms, hot pink hot shorts, and a leopard print tank top.
It can also be any type of person that can light up a room with their tan, seems dirty, wears lots of makeup and is over all tacky.
by Jessica Feygin February 01, 2009
It's when something is just so stank it's worse than tacky or nasty by themselves
"That girl was trying so hard to brag about her engagement ring, that shit was tack nasty"
by Dane Deezy August 16, 2008