A word meaning something funny that you dont want everyone to know your laughing at.
If someone is getting in trouble and you want to laugh with your friends you say "tacks" out loud and laugh about that so they dont know your laughing at them.
by Donna Budd October 21, 2008
Top Definition
North East england name for cannabis resin
sell us some tack
by Steve September 22, 2002
another word for cannabis
lets gan smoke sum tak in a bucket
by geordie October 24, 2003
A abbreviation of the words 'tackle', often shouted with excitement, denoting a well executed and firm sliding tackle in Pro Evolution Soccer. The tackle must be potentially life saving (in terms of conceeding a goal) and often involves high risk if mis-timed (e.g. a tackle made in the penalty area or from behind).


That was a tack!
by BCOULT69 March 07, 2008
1. "thank you" in swedish
2. whorey lady
3. boy parts :P

but don't say it as number three because you'll sound like a nerd.
1. random person: here are some nice meatballs for you, sven.

swedish person: tack så mycket!

2. egad! would you LOOK at that tack over there? what a slut.

3. person a: woah nice tack you got there ;)
person b: what the fudge o_O
by lemon(: June 28, 2009
any thing tacky. usually found in Florida gift shops, especially on the side of the highway. usually includes dogs dressed as people or ornamental plates.also includes "folk art" made from seashells and those ugly bracelets that come with your name on them (if you can find your name.)
person 1: I bought this tapestry kittens on it, they're wearing hats isn't that cute?

person 2: where do you keep finding all this tack?
by tuveuxvoir? July 07, 2009
Tack (n).

1. Tack - A crude way of saying penis, todger, dick and langer.
I was taking a shower with Paul yesterday and by god he has a massive tack!
by Connor McCarthy October 18, 2006
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