a server in a restaurant who tries to take more tables than his or her share because she is a greedy biotch.
We were going table for table and she took three tables in a row without letting me take mine. She's such a table whore.
by SylviaLH May 06, 2008
Top Definition
A person who refuses to acknowledge CSS and uses tables for the entire layout of web sites, rather than for displaying tabular data. Commonly found using heaps of image rollovers, old deprecated tags and sticking to a memorized list of 6 or 7 'web safe' hex colors. Still listens to that shit song by Chumbawamba.
Guy1: When was your site built?
Guy2: Last week, why?
Guy1: LOLWTF it looks like crap.
Guy2: Yeh, my developer is a table whore..
by Random55 December 11, 2008
Someone who goes from table to table in a cafeteria or restaurant, not spending much time in any one spot.

Not necessarily an actual skank (but can be).
"Hey guys mind if I sit here for a sec?"

"Weren't you just at that table in the corner over there? And that one at the window?"

"Well yeah... But-"

"Sorry we don't allow table whores at our table."
by Peace:) March 28, 2010
A person who sits usually at one table and suddenly moves to another and alernates between different talbles. A whore but instead of being with different people, diffrent tables.
What a table whore.
by nanopanda January 07, 2011
Someone who jumps from table to table in a school cafeteria during lunch. Either they don't really know anyone, or they know a lot of people and want to talk to everyone.
boy: Jenny, why don't you sit here for the whole lunch? you're such a tablewhore.

Jenny: No, I need to go talk to Madison, Carl, and Rachel. I'll see you in bio.
by quietgrrlmaya April 22, 2009
Someone who goes from table to table during lunch, hanging out with everybody.
Katie Steele was such a table whore last year!!
by funkalicious1 September 09, 2009
A table whore is someone who someone who gets passed around from guy to guy. She usually gets passed around between friends. The term "Table Whore" comes from girls who sit with guys in lunch(usually in high school) and she dates all of them.

whore slut Bitch man stealer
That girl is such a table whore, she dated Greg, Vince, Eathin and a few of their friends
by Anonymous215 September 09, 2006
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