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The one person that must take all trays and trash at the lunch table for the day, week, or possibly month. Rocks-paper-scissor-shoot, a starring contest, or thumb wrestling (all best two out of three) between two people will decide the table bitch. These two people are either voted to face each other or one can challenge another. After they battle they are exempt from the next table bitch battle. If the loser decides not to do his job then he is kicked out of the table.
Example 1
Kuehl - Wow, Ricky and Ian are battling it out for table bitch today.
Trevor - Yea I know, I hope its Ricky.

Example 2
James - Who's the table bitch today?
Karsten - I don't know but I got a shit load of trash for him to take.
by Kuehl March 19, 2007
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lowly weakling of the lunchroom table; the bitch who gets stuck taking up the whole table's trash
Tony, take up the garbage table bitch!
by BigBoi789 August 27, 2008
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