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1. A Brilliant MIDI-based computer program used for guitar, bass, and banjo tablature.

2. A website for the program, containing a tablature area where talented users upload both tabs for popular music as well as original music.
Person A: Hey, have you listened to the song I wrote on TabIt yet?

Person B: No, I will later though. As of now I'm hanging out with my retarded untalented 13 year old friend named it_has3heads.
by not_it_has3heads September 09, 2009
-Tablature website for lazy people who can't read music

-a program which uses MIDI to create your own crappy music or tab out popular artists music.

-a place to get made fun of for not writing like bach

-a nerdy hangout for 42 year old men to make fun of 13 year old nooblets
the tabit guys made fun of me.

i learned how to play some green day from tabit

by it_has3heads November 22, 2006
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