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A swampy , incestuous red neck breeding ground located in the woodlands of Oneida County, New York between the towns of Lee Center and Camden. TABERG is best known for providing manpower to the local unemployment roles and punchlines for any joke involving public intoxication, animal pregnancy, low intelligence or meth lab explosions. The citizens of TABERG annually mass at their "Field Days" to exchange insults, chew tobacco, drink and fight. Each year the results of the previous years alcohol induced copulations are shown off and judged. Fatherhood is determined by a lottery. Tabergers are suspicious of outsiders and will confront and attack anyone they are not related to or has a full set of natural teeth. If confronted by a Tabergers, point to distant landmark and say "Look, it's the ghost of Dale Earnhardt" and walk, don't run away. The locals will stand gape mouthed awaiting the spectre of Number 7 at least 20 minutes.
Dave: What has 100 feet and 9 teeth?
Charlie: I give up.
Dave: The beer tent line at the Taberg Field Days.
by boonviller June 20, 2015

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