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A ta-082 is the type of hardware in certain psp,s that doesent support frimwares below 2.5, if a ta-082 psp is downgraded below 2.5 it will brick up, and becomne a paperwaight. The other psp's that are non-ta-082 can support any firmware. 1.5 is the golden firmware, it can support almost any homebrew. These undesigned code can be anything from running windows 95, to games. A game programmer under the alies of 0okm, designed a "softdown" program that would make the ta-82's run 1.5, but sadly some assholes hacked his account and now he stoped helping people. This brought sadness to the hearts of many.
1337 guy: "yo, you just got a psp, is it a ta-082?
n00b: FUUUCCCKKK ya it is, im totally FUCKED,
1337 guy: Fuck man i got my normal psp, it can run almost anything, oh yea!
n00b: FUCK YOU!
1337 guy: FUCK your ta-082!
n00b: (cries)
by DerBruno October 17, 2006
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