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A nickname for a type of person that whines alot in order to get attention from the person he wants as an uke because he's too lazy to take charge like a proper seme should. Generally known as perverted, chauvinistic, and totally ignorant because in reality he writes descriptions of himself depicting him as a seme when really he's just a whiny little boy trying to make his seme look like less of a man for sympathys sake. Don't try to understand it. He doesn't make sense.
Wow, there that kid goes whining again about how he's getting pawned and women ruin everything. He's a total t3n looking for his kryptwar.
by Kryptwar May 13, 2010
A another way of saying and writing the word 'thanks.' It's commonly used by people who cannot pronounce the word 'thanks' correctly due to speech impairment or by cool people.
Hey, t3ns for letting me sleep with you last night. You sure your boyfriend won't mind? Nah. T3ns!
by Opus73 April 08, 2008