a wonderful guy that is awesomely awesome and makes me happy even when i wanna break down and cry
tu jus made me smileeee
by tusgirl August 10, 2004
1st person in Portuguese
Tu és paneleiro
by Sprafa March 25, 2004
"You" in French, singular only - informal.

Unless addressing young children, wait until you're addressed with "tu" before using it. If addressing people you're not familiar with or any member of the authorities, make sure you use "vous" instead.
- Tu es stupide. (You're stupid)
- Stupide, toi-meme. (Speak for yourself)
by Mielb November 24, 2005
You in French
Tu est stupid.
by Denny Tang February 09, 2003
top goon in a lil small town named lil haiti,is unemployed and gets allowance from his wife or kids. smokes squares and lives under trucks or other big automobiles. owns a personal zoo located usually in back of his house. half of the day stays masturbating and guns on the couch and yells out su woo!
dam look at that tu ass nigga.

dam i aint tryna be a tu when i grow up

dam that nigga smell like a fuckin tu!!!!!!
by lil haiti1 January 09, 2009
to tense up.- full tightening of all muscles in your body.

to piss someone off or catch them off guard.
like if someone jumps in your face and says "do you want a piece of me?" then you T.U. and say "not in my ass I don't!" usually followed by a "ck ck ck". Or to T.U. a trucker parked on the side of the interstate by means of check wipe and say"ha ha that will T.U. his ass.
by hett725 May 05, 2010

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