Short for "texas university," t.u is a name that followers of Texas A&M use to describe the University of Texas. Such a nickname implies that UT is a university in Texas rather than THE University of Texas, no matter what the Texas state Constitution might say. Additionally, they don't capitalize it because, they claim, UT isn't important enough to be capitalized, but in doing, they're actually denigrating their own state, so the non-capitalization most likely stems from the fact that the vast majority of Aggies happen to be illiterate. As a result, it becomes one of the few insults in the world that disrespects the insulter's own state and its constitution while simultaneously making the insulter appear uneducated and illiterate (a common byproduct of a Texas A&M "education"), while doing virtually nothing to actually insult the insultee.
Agnes the Aggie: "Eww, you're going to t.u."
Larry the Longhorn: "Aww, that's cute... Even a Sooner could come up with a more coherent insult than that! By the way, I hope you're not too upset about not getting into UT."
by hookemhorns124 September 28, 2012
The gay ass name Aggies came up with for The University of Texas. They think its hilariously clever. But in reality, it just makes them all look dyslexic and ignorant.
"T.U. is not funny. It is NOT insulting. It is dumb. Just imagine if folks from Texas kept talking about M&A and giggling. That would not be funny. In fact, it would be retarded. That's why UT fans don't do it. Please learn."-Jim Rome
by texasforevabiotch June 14, 2010
Spanish for "you". (plural: su)
¿De donde eres tu? (From where are you?)
by sciboy1190 January 07, 2004
Acronym for The University of Tulsa
Cindy: Where are you going to college?
Joe: I'm going to TU, best private university in the mid-west.
by DundunDUN! November 30, 2013
Toke Up. Refering to Cannabis smoking.
James: "Yo man, fuck these kids theres way too many heads. Let's go TU without them."

Clay: "True dat."
by Bryce 38 August 09, 2007
Why use three different to's when you can use one universal to!
I wanna eat all those brownies tu!
Tu plus tu is three.
I want it tu snow!
Tuday is twosday!
by LaUrEnIsHeLlAcOoL August 08, 2006
Acronym for: Team Underachievement

Generally having low interest in working or even thinking about working.
"I didn't even study for this quiz, and I got a E-."

"Niiice! TU FTW"
by Steve lasdfghjkl May 07, 2007

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