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talk shit get hit
that motherfucker is talking all this shit hes going to get hit.(t.s.g.h)
by c,bby August 16, 2008
That shit gone (gonna, going to) happen; what to say when something upsetting or uncalled for occurs; Refer to "Shit happens"
Person 1: "Man, I was so excited for that party but my mom swooped in last second and said I couldn't go!"
Person 2: "Awh, that's really terrible man, tsgh."
by puregenius5643 January 20, 2014
talk shit get hit.

Refers to the act of instigating drama on the internet where someone responds by hacking the instigator's information systems.

Pronounced: T-S-G-H
If that guy keeps running his mouth on the forums he's going to get tsgh'd.
by beaufortninja August 18, 2011
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