The greatest band in the history of the world, consisting of Benzi, Snipes, Par-t-Lo, and 50 Shilling. The band has come out with several recordings, such as Mother of the Beast, T-Unit's Second Album, and the Underwear Masked Fudge Bandits from Mars. T-Unit is short for Tuna Unit.
I'm going to a T Unit show tonight where I will be blown away by awesomeness
by Tuna Unit August 24, 2006
Top Definition
A cup of tea

originated with a ghetto british boy at CMU.
Wassup girl, you wanna roll yo fine g-unit over to my crib for a t-unit?
by koudelka April 06, 2004
A gang related member of the bloods settled in California and or on the westside.
"Damn Tunit just destroyed that crip named matt from the bronx"
by RyandMan June 03, 2006
The modernized version of a tampon.
Lisa: "Omg, I'm so bloated. I'm anemic as hell."
Allison: "Omg, you got your p-card, too?"
Lisa: "Let's go find some guys and show them how hot they are."
Allison: "Hang on, we gotta stick us some t-units first."
Lisa. "Yeah! Cheap contraception much? Kthx."
by Jared344035 July 02, 2006
Theodore Unit
a branch of the Wu-Tang Clan
Theodore Unit consists of
Ghostface Killah
Trife Da God
by franko March 23, 2005
A variation of the word "tits," inspired from the name of 50 cent's rap group(i.e. the G-Unit).
Dayum, check out that hot broad over there! I wanna grab a handful of those t-t-t-t-T-UNITS!

Mark H. UrbanDictionary afficionado since February 2004.
by Mark H October 28, 2004
A gang on the South Side of madison WI
damn, the T-UNIT own this town
by tunit255555 October 12, 2003
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