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The act of texting to someones email or vice versa, usually for the friend that doesn't have a cell phone.
Amanda doesn't have a phone so i have to t-mail her all the plans.
by manda01 September 14, 2008
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another word for text message, made up in a song by Kota Minyota in a freestyle over J Cole's "Can't Get Enough" instrumental
"So the females hit the t-mail, tryna get close to us" - Kota Minyota
by X-quisite November 23, 2011
Sending a telepathic message
When you think someone understands your meaning by body language or facial expressions alone:

"I was warning you to shut up-didn't you get my T mail?
by tele-bird August 26, 2010
The definition of T-mail is just like "e-mail" expect it's via text. Text mail.
A text message would be an example of t-mail.

Frank: hey man, my internet is down just tmail me.

Bob: will do.
by limabina April 21, 2009

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