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Like taste buds, but these are truly hightened by taste sensations, commonly found in flavour country.
Mmm this tastes so good- its arousing my tasticles
by cr00sa April 18, 2013
3 0
a mid range door stop for a dual door system designed to stop the second door as it closes to the first door. The strip of wood that determines which door has to be shut first.
I broke the t-asticle on my armoire so now it doesn't matter which door I shut first.
by Wiley Burger June 12, 2010
3 0
Tasty Icicles
mm these icicles are really tasty! I'm going to call them Tasticles!
by Sweet Transvestite Starfish April 14, 2011
4 5
The act of licking the testes.
Hey boy would you like a tasticle.
by timmer0u8122 June 20, 2012
0 2
to be very tactical in a very manly way
I play Halo 3 at 4 in the morning with massive tasticles
by FallenJesus December 08, 2008
7 24