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Quite possibly the best enhance shaman on the face of the universe and the World of Warcraft. This man has spent over 2 years of devotion and hard work into learning the nearly impossible game mechanic of keybinding windfury totem and proceeding to auto attack said boss. Not only does he know enhance inside and out; he's sick of your shit and wants you to knock it the fuck off. Don't let his tough-guy aura scare you though, this shaman will drop raid to lose 5's faster than any other officer who can't control an Archimonde wipe fest. Rogue loot? For a support class? Fuck yeah! Grats me(syrix)
"Knock it the fuck off dude I'm sick of your shit"
"Woah calm down quit being such a syrix, LoL!
by Iamm March 30, 2008

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