*Pink triangle*
Synj is the sex bomb
by Sex October 04, 2003
Top Definition
game developer. animator. musician. controller of the universe.
synj is better than you.
by Anonymous September 05, 2003
Synj, is the best animator on the internet, He started with hopes of getting looked upon as what I call him, "the Walt Disney of the internet" he has created many animations and games, including, Alien Hominid , which is now a amazing consle game, much different from the internet version, he is also part of a new game company called The Behemoth, along with Tom Fulp, creator of hoping to make revolutionary games, compared to all these crappy, generic 3D games out at the moment.
I salute Synj.
Yesterday, I played Alien Hominid, and it kicked ass!
by DoomedMonkey December 05, 2004
Total ruler of all animators

Asskicker Extreme
Holy shit, did you guys see SYNJ's latest cartoon?
by ubjubber March 31, 2004
1. (n) An animator who does flash games for Newgrounds. Raps a lot too.

2. (n) A horrible band.
synj's sacksmash is about a dude with giant balls crushing gnomes.
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
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