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term used on IRC to initiate the synchronous smoking of weed between channel participants. a trigger such as !syncro or !cro is used to activate a count-down script in one of the channel bots. originally conceived by twerk and kneel on the dalnet network.

other variants include synchro and cro.
<cryo> would anyone care to syncroniously smoke some marijuana with me? <ian_> i would enjoy such an activity, perhaps <cryo> my smoking utensil is simply brimming with green goodness <ian_> i must deposit some in the utensil that i make use of <cryo> please, activate the script at your leisure <ian_> !syncro <d0b0t> 3, 2, 1, GO! <cryo> mmmmm <ian_> mmmmmmm
by chanzano August 04, 2007
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