1)a person with a tendancy to torment alex and her phobia of clowns and rat in a hat
2)see fucktard
3)a person in no way related to alextopia
symmone-"Dave is hot"
Alex (in exasperation)-"BAHH! i hate you"
Symmone- "nooo you don't"
by i rape donkeys August 17, 2003
Top Definition
a person who was once obsessed with me. until she stole the damn beanbag from me and alex. so i whacked her over the head. thus, she went and made out with dave. thus some other poor girl who lusts after dave went off crying in the backyard with brooke. who was upset that i, alex, was getting my nipples licked by alex.

symmone had a bracelet with a lock of daves hair on it. one night she awoke to discover it was missing, and there was hair in her mouth.
alex: get off the lounge fatty
symmone: NO.
alex: WHACK
by alex blows goats September 08, 2003
alex - symmone is fat
alex (to symmone) - shut up fatty
by alex blows goats September 19, 2003
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