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The worlds worts Backup Software. It requires hacking the registry of production mail servers, installing hotfixes, and 8 hours on the phone with India to get it to work for a week before it breaks.
What happend to your backups? Symantec broke them.
by 0c0ld August 07, 2009
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A prestigious and well-known company that produces software, which serves to protect computers from viruses, trojans, hackers, etc. While their software may be very unresourceful and sluggish, it is thorough in its virus scans and protection.
"The world's most trusted antivirus solution" --Symantec slogan
by Eta January 01, 2005
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World's largest network security and data protection software company. Leading provider internet security products including award-winning Norton Anti Virus and Norton 360. Leading provider of Data Protection and Data Loss Prevention software. Symantec NetBackup provides the most comprehenseive backup solution available in terms of client coverage, platform coverage and leading edge technology.
Symantec Internet security software can't keep PORN-surfing 40-year-old virgins from recklessly infecting their computers; it can only tell them they are doing something dangerous.
by MFESCKS August 24, 2009
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