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sit yo' ass down, used when someone needs to calm down or literally sit their ass down.
Mark: Did you see Lebron James last night when he went into the stands!!?
James: Yea! He told his momma, "Syad!"
Mark:Really!!? Howd he not get momma slapped?
by spncrm July 10, 2008
"Sit your ass down!" An exclamation used to tell someone to take a seat when you're trying to be funny.
"Everyone, sit down and shut up!"
-But, Mr.Carr I need to-
by Tugboats June 03, 2006
Started by the Danville High School baseball team, it is an acronym for Sit Your Ass Down. Mostly said in a way that sounds like sitchassdown. Commonly said after someone needs to sit their ass down.
John: "I just took that asshole yard.
Barry: "Yeah he needs to syad or stop throwing straight cock."
by OnDemHoes November 05, 2011

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