sweaty nut sack swalls
Timmy's Doctor explained to him that the smell came from his swuts.
by CatOk August 26, 2008
What a whore does to a fly.
"That ho sho swut that fly!"
by Egadzilla June 23, 2009
AZN accent of Slut. The asian diner owner of City Wok on the comedy South Park commonly displayed this accent.
1)A swut from the shitty.

2)Hey swut stop pwayin.

by Mike Reavey November 23, 2005
noun. A contraction of the words sweat and gut. A non gender-specific term used to describe the sweat found around or on the underside of a hanging gut.

Related to swit, swunt, swall and swass.
I'm glad dude took off that nasty swut-covered wife-beater - I just hope he burns it.
by squidboy57 September 24, 2003

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