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when you have sweat on your vigina.
Dame do you have a tissue I have swunt.
by krissy613 September 14, 2007
17 12
a sweaty cunt
by hobo_on_hastings September 22, 2003
108 24
sweaty cunt. namely to describe how something smells.
Yo! You just know that bitch smells like swunt. see also swat.
by Copie Boy November 04, 2002
62 32
A swampy cunt.
Danielle was sitting down on a hot summers eve and when she arose she found that she had a swunt.
by Infamous Kbo July 10, 2008
31 11
Another variation of Swit, but meaning a sweaty cunt.
Don't touch her, she got the swunt.
by Hondo March 06, 2003
47 29
sweaty cunt.

A factual term and
a great insult!
It is best to wear underwear if you have a swunt.

That Brett..he is such a fucking swunt!
by RandomChaos March 04, 2009
10 9
Acronym for "sweet/unsweet iced tea", a mixture of sweet and unsweet tea. Common in the Southern United States.
"Can I get some fukken swunt over here?"
by Yeago May 30, 2006
9 37