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when you have sweat on your vigina.
Dame do you have a tissue I have swunt.
by krissy613 September 14, 2007
a sweaty cunt
by hobo_on_hastings September 22, 2003
sweaty cunt. namely to describe how something smells.
Yo! You just know that bitch smells like swunt. see also swat.
by Copie Boy November 04, 2002
A swampy cunt.
Danielle was sitting down on a hot summers eve and when she arose she found that she had a swunt.
by Infamous Kbo July 10, 2008
Another variation of Swit, but meaning a sweaty cunt.
Don't touch her, she got the swunt.
by Hondo March 06, 2003
sweaty cunt.

A factual term and
a great insult!
It is best to wear underwear if you have a swunt.

That Brett..he is such a fucking swunt!
by RandomChaos March 04, 2009
Acronym for "sweet/unsweet iced tea", a mixture of sweet and unsweet tea. Common in the Southern United States.
"Can I get some fukken swunt over here?"
by Yeago May 30, 2006