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elaborate munchies, generally consisting of a entire meal
I'm swunchin on an amazing duck braised in cherry beer with garlic-roasted mashed potatoes, asparagus with a butter and lemon sauce and this endive & tomato salad with a bleu cheese dressing.

Hey mayne I be swunchin on a Denny's chicken fried steak; come join!
by JbRiZzLeBird July 08, 2011
the act of smoking (weed, hash) or partaking of drugs with someone then eating their "munchie" foods and quickly leaving without compensating the host.
hey man u be swunchin' next time we toke up an u don't bring a pizza er somethin' u owe me green hommie. stop tha swunchin mayne!
by jWinter April 23, 2011

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