Shitting While Txting

used when someone is taking a shit and txting someone else
Girl : what are you doing
Boy: SWT!
Girl : what is that !!
Boy: shitting while txting

Girl : ew nasty
Boy : lmao
by Big DaDDdY June 09, 2009
Top Definition
A shortened term for "sweat", often used in online gaming. Describe the sweating expression from manga (japanese comic). Originally came from the Ragnarok Online sweat expression (/swt).
player 1: damn, i just get killed by a n00b yesterday!
player 2: swt..
by flameseeker July 11, 2006
A shortened term for "Sweet", often used in Internet slang.
"Swt! A Party!"

"cuz he's so swt!"
by SwtMsT September 20, 2005
Acronym for Salt Water Therapy
I'm thinking about heading to the beach later for some SWT
by _becky_with_the_good_hair June 05, 2016
Acronym for a "Self Wetting Top" - A T-shirt (usually white) which contains an aperatus for wetting itself, usually in the chest area.
She look so fine, she wearing an SWT.
by Alex Ainscow September 27, 2007
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