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When somebody is sponsored by Nike and wears a Nike swoosh, or when something has a Nike swoosh on it. (Usually the former.)
Roger Federer is swooshed.
by ComfyChair September 03, 2009
1 1
the period when a person is between being tipsy and completely shit-faced
whoa stewie is hella swooshed
by vanessa, maddi, natalie December 31, 2007
8 2
when you feel different after your birthday
when a.m. turns 26, the day after he comes in to work saying "I feel swooshed!!!"
by LUCKY DUCKY March 06, 2008
1 2
When a guy has a girl in check or when a girl has a guy in check. (perferriably ff and gf).
She on that nike man, swooshed and not even your girl yet.
by ethiks May 02, 2005
3 4