a secure comforting feeling
she was swool in her mothers arms
by big killer March 29, 2005
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Top Definition
it means a very awesome person. it is a mix between sweg and cool. you can also add the prefix un so it can be unswool. which means the exact opposite of swool. a swool person is everyone's best friend and is just plain awesome. the swooliest person in the world is Jessica
person: wow that Jessica girl is so sweggy and cool.

person 2: yep she is very swool
by NathanS July 11, 2014
Sweet- cool.
"Swool dude."
by MeggHill April 24, 2013
To be upset, pissed, or generally disgruntal.
I could not believe she was dating that loser. I was swool about it!
by RR January 26, 2005

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