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An incredible hip hop group from Van-City/Victoria. The members are Mad Child, Prevail, Rob The Viking, and Moka Only. They have 4 Cd's out right now - Balance, Bad Dreams, Monsters In The Closet, and Heavy. Mad Child started and owns Battle Axe Records, the groups's label.
"Swollen Members are awesome!.."
by K November 29, 2003
the best music to ever hit this planet!
Hey yo r u comin to the swollen members show tonight its gonna b dope!
by Phat Dawg June 26, 2003
The only listenable rap group in the world, so they make up for the fact that they are Canadian.
"Fuel Injected"
"Long Way Down"
by Cinnamon Crime Ring (CCR) May 06, 2004
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