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Spinning Wheel of Death; animated symbol that notifies you the Apple iPhone is loading... swod spins forever due to an error
I just tried to jailbreak my iPhone and I got the swod.
by Douglas Porter May 12, 2008
The penis when considered as a navigational tool.
Midshipman: For chrissakes, cap'n. Ye cannae guide is through the Pacific wi' nought but yer swod.
Captain: Ayeee, ye've a lot tae learn about the ways of the sea, boy.
by Drimspittle McTish June 14, 2007
Means 'Lucky Bastard'
Said to a mate. 'You Swod'
'Oh e's a Swod'
by Souljah July 12, 2004

Swod is pronounced with a long O.
Ghetto King to Jester: Hey you, go get me my swod.
by Freelodaing Will August 29, 2010

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