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A horrible discrase to rock n roll, and their band should all be beaten with their instruments.
hm...lets play some fabulous blink one eightypoo and switchfoot...and some hoobastink...and some cum41. or not...cuse they Suck and play music for stupid farie teenagers, and sweaty old men who want to be cool.
by Sean February 27, 2005
35 260
1. when a surfer changes footing on a board to get a new perspective

2. an awesome band
Switchfoot is my favorite band!
by Sarah November 02, 2003
431 84
a band that saved me from totally disbelieving in music.
If it weren't for Switchfoot's music, I would be posting negative stuff about other bands by now.
by niji September 27, 2004
401 118
an uber band in which dares you to move.
man switchfoot sure is uber.
by FRO December 15, 2004
402 145
Totally awesome and inspiring band consisting of Jon Foreman (guitar and vocals), Tim Foreman (bass and backing vocals), Chad Butler (drums), Jerome Fontamillas (guitar and keyboard), and Drew Shirley (guitar).
Me: Hey Cecily, don't you just love Switchfoot? They are so awesome..
Cecily: Heck yes! I love Switchfoot!!
by Chelsea March 21, 2005
249 80
1) An incredibly amazing band.

2) One of the only Christian rock bands today that actually has talent and plays real music (besides Relient K).
I love Switchfoot. People who sit at their computers thinking of negative things to put about Switchfoot on here have wayyy too much time on their hands. It's pretty sad. And Switchfoot loves you.
by Emilyzzzzz May 02, 2005
375 210
Best band ever......
Yes they are that awesome!!!
Their name came from surfing as all you surfas out there know.
Willy:Switchfoot is awesome!!!
Swanky:Yeah, whatevah.
by Crazy Poofer May 08, 2004
309 154
good Christian rock band, probably one of my favorites.
by IrishREPUBLICANArmy May 31, 2004
206 83