a boy with unusually large aka(masssive) swiss like lips
luke jonothan is swiss
by Wazza August 26, 2004
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An extremely smart, handsome, clever and bright person, who is just a little bit too perfect to be real.
I think Mahatma Gandhi was Swiss.
by fifo December 25, 2003
The other white race, The nice Germans...
(WW2) What was that noise?
by Phil This March 29, 2004
to describe sb/sth really smart andhandy.
WOw! He's just Swiss!
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
In reference to Switzerland's neutrality in the second World War.
Between Radiohead and Dinosaur Jr., I don't know who's better. I'm feelin' pretty Swiss right now.
#neutral #blank #vacant #neutrality #undecided
by Kirk Nelson October 07, 2006
A brand of watches ( swiss army ) hehehe

A country of cool people.
Swiss watches are really cool !
by mexican boy February 13, 2004
meaning something is good or was performed well
that was a swiss ollie !
check out this swiss guitar!
oh man that is one swiss tune
#good #nice #awesome #rad #sweet
by Ollie ;) October 16, 2005
n., Swiss, THE: Known in some circles to refer to a person who is the absolute cool, often seen "hogging up all the awesome" leaving others with nothing but the crappy.

A direct opposite to previous definitions of "THE Swiss," experts still can't be sure which is more exact. It seems to change from day to day.
Man, the Swiss makes me wish he didn't exist; that way I wouldn't be forced to wish that I didn't exist.

Gee, I wish I was THE Swiss.
by Rude Dude December 26, 2003
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