A type of Stall-Walker. One who briskly swishes water over their hands without using soap after taking a leak or a dump.
Gabe: Answer me this Alfred, did you make mud pies when you were a kid?
Alfred: Sure did Gabe, how did you know?
Gabe: Well, when you swished instead of using soap after you came out of the toilet you pretty much just made a doo-doo cake in your hands. (pause) With pee extract.

Red: Yo chief, can me and Hank get some of your potato chips?
Slim: Didn’t ya’ll just come out of the can?
Red: Yep
Slim: Did ya’ll wash your hands with soap?
Red: Nope
Slim: Ain’t neither one of you Swisher’s stickin’ your stink’n hands in my bag.

Top Definition
As in a "Swisher" Brand ciggar. Filled with the worst tobacco you could possibly smoke. But the manufacturer knows that. They know that folks don't actually smoke their shit.

The purpose of the swisher is to roll a blunt and smoke weed.

It is broken up down the center line, emptied of its original contents, refilled with marijuana, and resealed.

One swisher can hold anywhere from a pinner 10 sack to a fat dub, depending on your rolling skills. They come in flavors such as Sweet (nasty), Strawberry (the best), grape (better), and peach (good).
Don't forget to pick up a swisher before you come through.
by Sucker Punched March 18, 2007
got dem swisherz so we can roll dis blunt
by pothead420 September 10, 2003
The brand Swisher Sweet cigars. Popularly will be used as a blunt by emptying a Swisher Sweet cigarillo of its guts (tobacco), lining the shell with marijuana, and resealing it. Personally not my favorite blunt paper, but it's dirt cheap and works decently. Holds from a short dime to a fatty dub. Comes in a variety of flavors including peach, menthol, strawberry, chocolate, grape, and tequila. Here is the one and only top list for swisher flavors:

1. Grape
2. Strawberry
3. Peach
4. Sweet
5. Chocolate
Bob and I went down to the local convenient store and bought two swisher sweets. We then ripped that sucka down the middle, emptied that tobacco product and finally rerolled it filled with amazing weed. It's safe to say that I got blazed.
by bmanzzs October 26, 2008
A Swisher Sweet cigar, often split open and re-rolled with weed.
"I dont smoke Phillies ima Swisher man"
"Yeah, roll the Philly or Swisher Sweet"
by billforrbill September 13, 2006
see blunt
i love smoking swishers
nahh i like blunts
there the same you homeless crack head
by emanbeastypants. February 21, 2012
Drinking straight out of a bottle of alcohol like vodka or tequila instead of pouring it into a cup or mixing it with juice.
Hey man, pass me that vodka so I can do some swishers!
by the_drunk_girl February 12, 2012
a substitute for a philly, a blunt
Yo lets pick up some swishers and pack em wit weed
by 173 March 18, 2007
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