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1. a person who has the swine flu.
That swiner is sick from eating that pork.
by Asian J May 07, 2009
9 3
A racial slur for a mexican because they have the swine flu.
1) That swiner jumped the border like a leap frog.

2) Swiner is a poop face.

3) The swiner girl is as fast as my sensitive skin.

4) Braden is a swiner.

5) By the year 2015, California will be 52% Swiners.

6) I fucking hate when swiners take my minimum wage job.

7) Due to her mustache and dirty habits, I believe that Lee's girlfriend is swiner. Her friend is also believed to be a malnourished swiner.

8) I need someone to paint my house, lets go hire those swiners behind home depot to paint my shit.
by simpsoti May 02, 2009
10 7
Someone who gets swine flu then wines about it.
My girlfriend has swine flu, shes a real swiner.
Good I hate that bitch!
by jackjilarde September 14, 2009
2 1
Someone who sneezes or coughs in a public place.
Largely associated with the game “spot the swiner” in which a person shouts “SWINER!” at anyone who sneezes in a public place.
(In a crowded bar)
Swiner: "ACHOOO!"
Spot the swiner game player 1: "SWINER!"
Spot the swiner game player 2: "dam, got there before me."
by Hazel-ish May 11, 2009
2 1
People who think every time there is bird flu, swine flu, peanut flu or "what is today's flu", they will catch it or if they have a slight cough or cream their pants, they are infected. Swiners played hooky the day hand washing or prepping your food correctly was taught.
J- "Yo did you hear on the news there is a cat flu going around and I was sick all night. I think I have it and will die!!"

T- "Dude.. you sound like all the other swiners out there. Wash your hands and chill!"
by Sir Wabbit April 30, 2009
1 0