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1. a person who has the swine flu.
That swiner is sick from eating that pork.
by Asian J May 07, 2009
A racial slur for a mexican because they have the swine flu.
1) That swiner jumped the border like a leap frog.

2) Swiner is a poop face.

3) The swiner girl is as fast as my sensitive skin.

4) Braden is a swiner.

5) By the year 2015, California will be 52% Swiners.

6) I fucking hate when swiners take my minimum wage job.

7) Due to her mustache and dirty habits, I believe that Lee's girlfriend is swiner. Her friend is also believed to be a malnourished swiner.

8) I need someone to paint my house, lets go hire those swiners behind home depot to paint my shit.
by simpsoti May 02, 2009
Someone who gets swine flu then wines about it.
My girlfriend has swine flu, shes a real swiner.
Good I hate that bitch!
by jackjilarde September 14, 2009
Someone who sneezes or coughs in a public place.
Largely associated with the game “spot the swiner” in which a person shouts “SWINER!” at anyone who sneezes in a public place.
(In a crowded bar)
Swiner: "ACHOOO!"
Spot the swiner game player 1: "SWINER!"
Spot the swiner game player 2: "dam, got there before me."
by Hazel-ish May 11, 2009
People who think every time there is bird flu, swine flu, peanut flu or "what is today's flu", they will catch it or if they have a slight cough or cream their pants, they are infected. Swiners played hooky the day hand washing or prepping your food correctly was taught.
J- "Yo did you hear on the news there is a cat flu going around and I was sick all night. I think I have it and will die!!"

T- "Dude.. you sound like all the other swiners out there. Wash your hands and chill!"
by Sir Wabbit April 30, 2009
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