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The fear of the swine flu. Terrified of catching swine flu, someone who will run away from anyone who sneezes near them, in fear of catching swine flu. Someone extremely paranoide about swine flu.
Guy: Is she coming to the movies with us tonight?
Girl: Nah, she said she's not coming because Edward's going and she saw him sneezing at school today and she thinks he has the swine flu.
Guy: Wow, she has swineophobia.
#swine flu #sneezing #coughing #swine #scared
by Cuchilla September 22, 2009
A fear of ALL pigs alive,dead or pork products.Not to be confused with Moriswineophobia a fear of dead pigs or pork products
Joey:So Derek u comin' to the farm?
Derek:Will there be pigs there>
Joey:Jesus Derek when will u get over ur swineophobia.
#swineophobia #moriswineophobia #pigs #fear #dead pigs #living pigs #bacon
by Emmsiebabe July 30, 2008
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