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The term used by actually good-aimed teenagers to make fun of swagfags. Usually put into a rhyming pattern, swiggity swag can be used in many terms, and can be rhymed with anything they can possibly think of, switching the "swag" part of the term with a new word, just starting with "sw". Parodying the horrible nature of people who actually think their swag can conquer anything, this puts the term into jokes, and can be laughed upon with good manner.
"Swiggity swag, all you people are fags!"
"Swiggity sway, did you have your breakfast today?"
"Swiggity swupid, you're pretty stupid."

"Swiggity swag, do you ever feel like a plastic bag?" -Katy Perry
"Swiggity swissile, here comes the missile!" -Kim Jong Un
by kimjongamazing June 21, 2013
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A song that people think is making fun of rap songs but is actually making fun of black people in general.
Nigga nigga bitch nigga nigga,
Nigga fried chicken nigga watermelon nigga,
Bitch nigga,
White women, titties ass.
Repeat 4x to have maximum swiggity swag
by xX_WEEDSHOT_Xx April 20, 2015
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Bad,Dirt,Low in THC, bud.
by lil Elmo November 25, 2003
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