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A political maneuver used against an opponent whose main qualification for office is a career in private equity finance.

The maneuver consists of -
1) goading the opponent to disclose information such as tax returns for multiple years in a spirit of transparency established by Presidential candidates over several decades.

a. asking the opponent to explain discrepancies between public statements and forms filed with the Federal Government.

b. asking the opponent to explain discrepancies between different forms filed with the Federal Government.

Origin: Swiftyacht is derived from the word Swiftboat however with the exception of their devastating political effects, they are distinctly different . Unlike the 2004 Swifboat ads against John Kerry's Presidential campaign which relied on differing recollections of events in Vietnam, Swiftyacht ads rely on contradicting statements made by one person.
The swiftyachting of Mitt Romney will continue until he admits that as CEO, President, sole director and sole stockholder of Bain Capital he was ultimately responsible for company's actions regardless of whether or not he was involved in the day to day operations.
by Doremus Jessup July 14, 2012
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