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A person with a fierce ass that likes to be shown and has been hooked by a unsignifcant other that is hung like a stud field mouse. For some reason he has a growth hanging down that he likes to calls "bubblegum."
"She said Swifty, relax..."
by kxhonda February 07, 2010
11 17
a person with a snapped banjo who loves shaggin skanks. This person usually doesn't have a home or a toothbrush
swifty what are those black marks all over your teeth
by Callum Trigg June 15, 2009
6 12
a substantial amount of gas emersing from the anus
dang son, did you release a "swifty"
by Delta_roc October 20, 2008
4 10
When one bends over in the standing position and then another runs, and jumps hands and head first into his/her gaping asshole.
Person#1: Holy dogshit dude, your asshole is like 24 inches wide!
Person#2: Yeh, last night I dropped a penny and when I bent down to pick it up this fully shaved, naked, lubed asian guy gave me a swifty.
Person#1: Gaping.
by Scott July 24, 2004
33 41
A person with bleached blonde hair- but not the good type of bleached, the gay looking type!
"oh look, theres Swifty, the gay boy!
by Nige007 October 24, 2008
7 16
A blowjob.
Guy #1- "Man, she's hott!"

Guy #2- "I bet she gives a good swifty."
by berv September 22, 2010
5 15
A simple PHP error, something that should never pose a problem.
I cannot believe he just pulled a swifty. Now I have to hire someone that is not prone to cause more swifties and make johnny wait longer for his site!
by someonecool November 25, 2006
4 15