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a combination of the words sweet and sick used to express feelings of much excitment or approval
dawg that ride is swick wit those phat bumpin subs
by Max Salit August 29, 2006
12 28
sweet and sick combined
katie foyle is wicked swick!
by katie foy May 13, 2005
123 76
Adjective. The brilliant and unqie marriage of the derivitive words 'sweet' and 'sick' used to describe something (ranging from a persons, situation, event, etc) that is pleasant, delightful, awesome and generally both 'sick' and 'sweet'.
That movie last night was pretty swick. OR Its such a swick day today.
by bobandfrancine September 03, 2010
78 44
Combination of the words 'swag' and 'sick'.
"Omg, Enya's jacket is so swick"
by sexygyal101 December 26, 2013
20 4
a mix of the words "sweet" and "sick". it is double as powerful as the words seperately.
Dude those shoes are so swick
by Chris February 03, 2005
58 56
the meaning of sweet and sick combined.

swickest; swicker
Foyle is the swickest chic ever
by NYyanks May 15, 2005
62 61
The words sweet and sick met together one day, and had a baby named "swick".
guy 1 : I just got layed.
guy 2 : Bro thats so swick !
by paullyb October 02, 2010
7 11
Sweet & Sick.
Wow, that's one swick shirt!
by nuttykumquat December 23, 2010
4 9