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Another way to say why. Originated at B-CC High School.
Guy 1: Swhats good

Guy2: Swhy am i so good
by jabrilli September 27, 2010
shortened version of "thats why", the reply to a "why?" question. used on MSN or as poor grammar and pronounciation.
EJakobs@taboo.com : "why would you set fire to the school?"
lilmisspyro_69@taboo.com: "coz i like fire, 'swhy!"

the english teacher was not pleased when i used 'swhy in my explanation for grammatical error
by J Pearse August 08, 2005
Slang contraction for 'That's why'
John: Easy Mac is good.
Vin: S'why I'm makin it.
by Hito1 July 05, 2006