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An alternative to "sweet", used by people to project a laid-back image.
Normal Guy: That's a sweet top hat!
Laid-Back Guy: Yeah, it's pretty swer.
by travisoutlaw March 01, 2009
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A player in the series "Survivor Webcam" in which sixteen people use their webcams to outwit, outcam and outlast for a 100 day period, at that time, they are switched, merge and fight their way to the top as the sole survivor. There are five seasons.
"Rob G. was voted out of webcam 4.0 after the scandal with his alliance"
by Rob W. November 06, 2003
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An elitist bastard who believes Survivor Webcam to be the best ORG ever. See also: 1.0er, 2.0er, 3.02, 4.0er, and rawb.
"I am so sick of those SWers thinking they're so cool just because they played in Survivor Webcam. UGH!"
by Lenea November 06, 2003
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