When a person has a sweaty elbow.

sweaty + elbow = swelbow

It's 83 degrees in here and I have major Swelbow! Its sliding all over my desk.

I'm gonna have to put gold bond on this swelbow of mine.

Im typing so quickly in this humid office, I am getting swelbow.
by Adnama yelnats May 27, 2008
Top Definition
an elbow that is always swollen, due to constant crashes. be it skateboarding, bmxing, etc...
dude did you see my swelbow? I overrotated on my 720 and landed on my elbow.
by barinowski January 13, 2011
when you get tattooed on and around your elbow and it swells up and looks funny.
got my sleeve worked on last night, and got a serious case of swelbow.
by brendanisdead July 16, 2009
A swollen elbow
Bugger I have fallen over and now I have a swelbow!
by Samofbev January 07, 2011
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