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Noun: Similar to an "Imperial Smackdown" or "mjolnir-slam", the swejhammer is a forceful and definitive heel-stomp on rabid ignorance or blatant stupidity, usually referring to logical debate. Wielders of the swejhammer are usually too cool to boast about their accomplishments, but may toss in a wry smile to accentuate a snarky remark, usually followed by a beer.
Dang, Rachel let loose the swejhammer on old Freddie Phelps!! She sure sent him scurrying back to his fundie cave!
by Swej July 07, 2010

1. The end result of a particularly curt act perpetrated by an individual of the Jewish persuasion.

2. Power to annoy wielded by a Semitic personage.

Derived from combining "Swej," (or "Jews" backwards) and "Sledgehammer."
Johnny's kindness proved unfruitful, as he was nonetheless clobbered by the impending swejhammer.
by LittleKitnerboy August 30, 2006