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The act of placing a small amount of honey around the head and shaft of the penis. Put it away and let it marinate. After a few hours, present it to a chic and let her go at it! Amazing results for chics who love honey!!

*New definition originated in the south...North Carolina to be exact!*
"Man, she wasn't sure I was the one for her, until I gave her some of this sweet meat. Now she won't stop calling"
by Big Russ October 29, 2007
18 30
a more intense version of the word 'sweet'

use with caution.
ian: i almost scored some hot poon last night dude, it was duderad
eric: sweetmeat!
by e*rex January 08, 2004
9 21
the name for the smell of penis jizz after jerking it off
steven and disney were messing around in the car, and then disney jerked him off. five minutes later, disney's little sister walks into the car and exlaims, "it smells like sweet meat in here!"
by kizzate June 17, 2006
7 22
person who loves jelly covered penis
Dad: Josh ok thats enough licking let me get the rest of the smuckers out.
Josh Ivey: "slurp" ok dad
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
8 22
A homosexual guy, usually, that is noticeably feminine, or extremely sissified.
Look at ol' dude in the street, DATS SWEET MEAT BABY! Look how he switchin, yeah... He sweet meat...
by Shadow One September 16, 2006
3 20
Sweet meat is anything that is done in a stylish fashion.
Ex. A through the legs basketball shot would be called Sweet Meat
by Antoine Gavin April 16, 2004
4 22